The DLRCOCO have plans to expand the facilities for recreational services in The Park.

One of the items on their list is the provision of a Cricket Crease on the Lambourne Wood pitches, which they have scheduled to commence in April.

You will know by now that the new pitches on the Old Bray Road side of The Park are up and running and getting great use each weekend.

In anticipation of having to move from the Lambourne Wood side, the committee have also secured the use of the two football pitches in Clonkeen College.
Originally, the County Council had designated Old Bray Road pitches suitable for our age groups ranging from 8 to 12/13 years old.
Given the location within the park, its proximity to footpaths and the scale of competitiveness of older age groups, essentially means it is better designed for younger teams.
Also, when the pitches were walked, measured and assessed, it was found that an 11-a-side pitch at OBR area is not really big enough for U13/14 matches.
In measurement terms (46m x 75m versus Lambourne pitches 52m x 85m) – Hence Clonkeen College will be our venue for older aged players.

The first game will be played there this Sunday 29th March when Assie Satar & Adam Ellison will lead out their U16 team in a Cup game against St. Mochtas at 12:30. All support for this special game will be very welcome.

The Club would like to take the opportunity to pay a special mention of thanks to all involved in Clonkeen College for making this a reality and working with the Committee to support and collaborate in the ongoing success of football for all in Park Celtic.

Naturally we would ask all members to treat, as is the world football policy, their teammates, coaches, managers, opposition and all the facilities in The Park, our other locations and Clonkeen College with RESPECT!

Here’s to a long and enjoyable relationship between school and club.