Memory Man U16

Official Team Photos will be taken over the coming weeks, in association with Memory Man Studios.

Parents and Players will have a great opportunity to purchase team & individual photos, a lovely memento or gift, commemorating fun-times and firm friends.

Christopher Harrington of Memory Man Studios (Club Member and U11’s Coach) has over 20 years experience working as a professional photographer, using highest quality custom labs to make real photo prints.

As soon as all teams have had a Session, all photos will be available to be viewed and purchased on a dedicated Park Celtic online gallery, hosted by Memory Man Studios website. Parents will then be able to log on and choose the photo/format they wish with prices ranging from €15-€50.

All proceeds go towards Park Celtic FC (excl. printing costs c10%).  Further Photo Opportunities will be available at forthcoming Mini World Cup & Awards Nights. Obviously purchase is up to each individual parent as this is an opportunity to keep memento’s similar to school picture.

It’s important to note that any parents not in agreement to have a picture taken of their son as part of the team are under no obligation and should advise the team manager/coach.