The Park Celtic Annual Awards Night – 2014/15 Season

Parents, Players, Managers and friends all flocked to fill St. Angelas Hall in Cabinteely Community School on Friday last 2nd Oct at 7:30pm.

The night kicked off 15 minutes later and without prompting the 400 strong hall responded in loud cheers and applause when the house lights came down and the stage was lit to reveal the mass of trophies and slideshow of winners. During the evening all were treated to a feast of prize giving and receiving, introduction to and some direction on navigating the football club website, photographs and medals, the opportunity to enter the FAI prize draw and concluded with a soft drink and chocolate bar for all players who attended the evening……so everyone left with something….even the parents were given free tea and coffee to help them through what ended being a very slick and swift affair that concluded just before 9pm.

Thanks must go to Parents and Managers alike who helped during the evening (in particular Alan, Rory,Michelle and Gareth) and to the following;

Grandstand Sports – Dun Laoghaire S.C. for the fantastic job they did on the Trophies. Thanks to Michael and his team. If you or your club are in need of trophies or sports equipment then get in touch with Grandstand.

St. Angelas Hall and Alan in particular who was outstanding and a saviour in getting the technology up and working and made sure we had what we needed.

To all our parents, players and supporters who came along in such good spirits and participated willingly to make the night a great success.

Congratulations to all our prize winners, have a terrific 2015/16 season and we hope to see you all next year to repeat a most enjoyable evening.

The Committee.

(see a selection of pictures from the night. These will be made available to members – details will be provided)

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