Coaches coaching session with Catalan Elite Football

Catalan Elite Football will give a coaches coaching session to all Park Celtic managers and coaches. All are encouraged to attend as it be very useful to improve player training and development.

Catalan Elite Football have been providing qualified coaching to age group 12, 13, 14 & 15.

The session will be a mixture of theory and practical (bring gear – some managers will need to take part in the training games !)

  1. Introduction and background into the Catalan methodology
  2. Coaching analysis. Self analysis session for the coaches
  3. Applying VARK to coaching. This will look at the various ways in which children learn through coaching
  4. How to engage players before and during the session. We will provide some useful examples and tips on how to engage the players within the session
  5. How to structure your sessions. This will focus on how to plan and implement your sessions
  6. Implementation of session on the pitch and how to adapt as a coach. We will look at the reasons why sessions may break down and offer tips on how you can adapt your session and make it work
  • Visual animation of sessions.
  • Practical demonstration of sessions. We will put on a typical session we would do in Park Celtic and explain and demonstrate each part.