For the last 12+ months, Park Celtic has been working on several aspects of the FAI Development Plan. This plan was 1st published in 2015 by Ruud Dokter, High Performance Director with the FAI.


“The plan focuses on implementation of a player-focused model based on enjoyment and skill development whilst reducing the emphasis on winning.” This is especially true at age groups under 8 to under 10 where non-competitive 5v5 and 7v7 matches are played. Players are encouraged to enjoy playing football and develop new skills and techniques without the pressure of having to win leagues and cups.


Paul Nugent has been given the role of Coaching Coordinator within Park Celtic. Paul has been coaching our youngest age groups for over a year and also has the roles of “coaching the coaches” and implementing the FAI development plan within Park Celtic.


We have a number of players who are playing 1 year ahead of their own age group and some players who are playing 2 years ahead.  Playing at older age groups is not helpful to develop and encourage players as per the FAI Development Plan. Further, some teams and age groups are full (with waiting lists) containing players playing ahead of their age group.


Park Celtic has a policy whereby players play at their own age group. Players who are technically very strong, occasionally, may play at an age group 1 year ahead. However this situation would be an exception and would be decided by Park Celtic. Playing with friends or sharing lifts is not reason for a player to play at an older age group.


Park Celtic will enforce age group policy for all players born 2010, 2009 and 2008. From start season 2018, players born 2010, 2009 and 2008 must play at their own age groups. Born 2010 must play u8’s, 2009 must play u9’s and 2008 will play u10’s. Players currently playing ahead of their correct age group will not be allowed to continue with their current teams. We will contact parents to make arrangements to move to correct age group and teams.


Please understand that we cannot make exceptions as we must implement 1 rule that applies to all players.