Brilliant performance by the U10 Sat B1 team beating Blessington Afc 4-0 in the Park
There was any doubt that today would have been a Park Celtic day as from the very beginning the boys were very aggressive on the ball, winning all the tackles and moving the ball brilliantly from the defence to the forwards giving no chances to Blessington to counter-attack.
The first half was a football display that every manager can dream of with a 3-0 result before half time: smashing assist with a first time goal from Daniel to Ethan who finalized with great accuracy; the second goal was an exchange of favour from Ethan who worked very well the ball on the right and crossed in where Daniel was ready to tap in goal; 3rd goal was an insisting action into the Blessington box and Tim finally made the final touch to score.
All the team played St very high level from Patrick and Finn in defence, Tommaso and Tim supported by Daniel in midfield and Ethan as a formidable striker.
Alex came in and for few inches missed few goals but showed great presence on the field.
In the second half, the team controlled the game and created more chances, taking only one with Daniel again. Lewis and Ciaran helped out to maintain the clean sheet at the end.
Brilliant improvements since the last match and clearly Park wanted the win with great attitude and perseverance”.