The 4-4 draw at the end did not reflect the real merits on the pitch which saw Park dominated the first half with a perfect performance closing only 1-0 up with a tap in from Daniel following a resilient pressure on Beechwood’s defence. Park had other chances with Gavin, Finn and Taelan but it was Nathan, Patrick and Tim who showed how to defend, it was a masterclass performance by the defensive line against very strong forwards.
The second half started well with a fine corner kick from Tommaso and a marvellous header from Daniel which put Park ahead 2-0. At that point, Park switched off the light and in sequence conceded 4 goals to Beechwood who could not believe what was happening. Lack of focus in defence now paid the price but at the same time, glorious chances in front of the goalkeeper were missed as well.
Until Tealan robbed the ball in midfield and ran on his own before kicking a powerful shot that hit the crossbar and on the rebound Tealan again tapped in.
Few minutes to go and now there was hope as finally, Gavin found the top corner after another individual action which secured Park to a well-deserved draw. Losing today would have been an injustice against a team who beat us 7-3 only a few weeks back. 2 Mvp today: Tim in the first half and Gavin in the second half