The 5-1 final result was a combination of the top qualities of this team showing great solid defensive line, great passing and strong counterattack movements with fine scoring.

The first half ended 3-1 for Park who after 20 minutes of fair battle against a very organized Wayside team where both teams scored fine goals (Taelan scored comfortably from the middle of the box after a great pass from Tommaso), Finn decided to put his mark on the match scoring 2 goals in sequence, the first one following a corner when he found the low corner but especially the second one after a fantastic run box to box with a great finish.

In the second half, Park finally kept the concentration and unlike it happened in the previous games continued to put Wayside under pressure and Alex emerged as brilliant finalizer following great assists from Taelan and Tommaso in a wonderful display of counterattack moves.
Daniel masterminded the team throughout the entire game, Patrick made a solid performance both in defence and as a goalkeeper, Tim showed good skills in containing the opposition, Gavin contributed as usual both in attack and defence.

MVP in the first half was Finn while in the second half all team played at their best.
Glory Days!”