First league match and first win for the Sat U11 B against Greystones with a final score 7-3 (5-1 first half).
Park played a great first half scoring 3 goals in sequence by Tommaso who rushed through the defensive line every single time with great pace well served by Peter and score with clinical finishes. All team was very focused covering the pitch very well and make the tacklings at the right time counterattacking with great pace.

Greystones managed to hit back one goal with a shot from distance but once again Tommaso found the 4th goal with a fine shot from the right side of the box.
To make things even better Gavin found the net with another great shot following brilliantly coordinated pressure by Park on the Greystones defence. Tim and Patrick pushed away every single assault from Greystones anticipating all the attacking actions. The first half finished with the Park dominating the game.
The second half started with a more relaxed approach by Park but nevertheless the pressure was on Greystones defence who eventually fell under another great shot from distance this time by Brian who saw the goalkeeper out of the goal and punished him.
Another great action invented with a fine assist by Peter allowed Tim to be in front of the goalie and with a fine touch secured the seventh goal by Park. Greystones scored 2 goals when Park conceded a bit of space for shooting on goal.
This glorious performance saw each single-player performing at a very high level with Conor and Gavin fighting on every single ball, Tim, Patrick and Brian keeping the defence safe, Peter marshalling the centre of the pitch as a top centre mid player and Alex guarding his goal well. But Mvp today goes to Tommaso who scored 4 goals in 20 minutes and created tons of chances even in the second half for himself and his teammates.
Great start of the season for the U11 B Sat team!