Park Celtic fully adopts the Code of Ethics and Good Practice of the FAI. Below is a summary of the guiding principles of this code.

This Code ensures as with other sports, soccer contributes positively to the development of the individual. It is a vehicle of the mental, physical and emotional development, a development which is further enhanced if the under age player is guided by an informed, enlightened and caring coach/volunteer working within an acceptable ethical framework.

It is most important to establish and maintain standards of ethical behaviour especially in the coaching practices of young players. Key principles of responsibility and competence provide the core values of under age coaching.

This Code of Ethics & Good Practice is informed by the following underpinning principles:

  • Children’s involvement in soccer should be an enjoyable experience.
  • The safety of children should always be the paramount concern of all adults responsible for providing soccer opportunities at whatever level that adult may be involve.
    The appropriateness of the experience provided for children in soccer should be determined by and based on a child centred ethos which place the needs of the child at the centre of any activity taken.
  • Coaches/managers/volunteers should be properly recruited and managed with appropriate training made available to them. All adults involved in soccer have a responsibility to be aware of child protection as an issue.
  • The Football Association of Ireland recognises and accepts that in all matters concerning Child Protection, the welfare and protection of our under age players is a priority.
  • This code is encapsulated in the Code for Spectators, Parents and Coaches as recommended by the FAI and fully endorsed by Park Celtic.