Park Celtic Academy !! 



Loreto College Foxrock (Front Pitch) on Saturdays


Boys born 2018 and younger at 1 o’clock
Girls born 2017 and younger at 1 o’clock

🙂  New players and parents are very welcome  🙂

Boots with studs are NOT allowed in Loreto. Runners or Astro runners are good. Bottle of water and “football gear” and you are good to go.
Come along as many times and as often as you wish to try it out a. Make sure your player is enjoying football.
Park Celtic Academy provides football and matches each week to young and novice players in a format that is fun.
All players play all games and training is designed to allow players to get as many touches on the ball as possible.

Come along any Saturday or if you want more info, please call John on 0862853915