Managers Meetings

Managers will have meetings every two months. This will be held in the Grainstore in Cabinteely Park. Make sure you are on the manager’s mailing list, contact Shay Hurley if you need to be added.

Training Courses

The FAI regularly run courses for training coaches. These courses are well-structured and informative and well worth the effort. They typically take a full Saturday and some start the previous Friday evening. The official website and if you go to the development section of the site you will find the list of courses.


The club equipment manager (Dara Kavanagh 087-9158050) will provide the following:


Make sure that you get enough to have a ball for each child.


Bring plenty and mark training area out clearly.


Approx enough including goalie jerseys for 10. If your squad is bigger you just swap between the children on match day as you substitute children.


5 blue, 5 red- pick up extra so you always have enough for the full squad.

First Aid kit

Replenish any time you use up same.

Whistle, goalie gloves, pump etc

Best Practice Tips

Goal safety is critical and is a current focal point for the FAI due to a number of unfortunate serious accidents. The general guidelines are:

  • Make sure the posts are well secured with pegs and test them well.
  • Don’t allow children to climb or hang off the posts.
  • After use the goals should be carried back to in front of the equipment shed and disassembled and stored in the shed.

Travel Safety

  • Ensure all children have appropriate safe travel arrangements.
  • Ensure each child has a safety belt and if in doubt do not travel.

Don’t be on your own

  • Ensure that where possible that no child is left alone with an adult other than obviously their parent!
  • Always ensure training sessions are “two deep”, do not coach or be with kids on your own.
  • In younger age groups encourage parents to stay for training sessions as well as matches.

First Aid

  • Don’t attempt first aid unless qualified to do so.
  • For minor injuries such as sprains and small cuts use the first aid kit and replace the equipment.
  • Ensure the normal practices of hygienic sensible application of first aid are adhered to.
  • Don’t wait for the referee to tend to an injured player- go straight on in younger age groups.
  • After a small knock, fear and shocks tends to lead to tears, stay with the child and parent, and get the child to count slowly and make him/her laugh- humour works!

For any potentially more serious injury such as a serious cut or fracture/bad muscle strain or worse, immediately ensure the child is given the appropriate medical attention either by dispatch to an A&E department or local doctor. If you are in any doubt accelerate the provision of professional care to the child. File an injury report with the Child Welfare Officer and follow up with a call to the child’s parents.

Equal Opportunities

Soccer is an equal opportunities sport so provide fully for girls in the team- ensure access to the club facilities and perhaps give any girl a jersey for the season to avoid getting changed on the sidelines. Avoid referring to the children as “lads” or “boys” when there is a girl in the squad- use “guys” or “kids”.